Our mission is to make the transfer to The Netherlands as easy as possible and give all EXPAT - and CORPORATE – people the practical help they need.      

The demand for services is very diverse and EXPATRIATES and their COMPANIES have different needs for assistance.  

The service to COMPANIES has everything to do with “setting up shop”: setting up a company according to Dutch Law with the legal aid of a Notary, insight in- and access to a temporary office or flexible work space, banking, pay rolling, possible part- time controllers and personnel and many other aspects…    


The EXPATS need to have total insight in the actual immigration process and possibilities and information about housing, schools, social security, transport, child care, nannies, cost of living and much more.    

The EXPAT CENTER for THE NETHERLANDS is available for everyone and the website has a lot of information that you can use for free. Of course there are consultants available that help out by telephone and/or e mail if more personal attention is needed.    

However: we are saving the best for last:    

 Very shortly there will be an actual CENTER as well,  where you can walk in and can not only find the information you need, but professionals in all disciplines will be available for you to give direct assistance and deliver the services needed.    

For instance: the Notary is available to give actual practical information if a company needs to be set up a in The Netherlands; the relocation people are available and they know all about every angle from whatever country; accountants and lawyers are present, there will be language courses and culture shock training; the travel agency will meet your demands and much more……..