One-window approach

Management and maintenance

When you have rented your property out and have left The Netherlands or are no longer in the near vicinity, there is still the maintenance…………….. It is your property, you care for it and want it to add value while you are away and it has to be kept in mint condition. Whenever you come back it still needs to be there as you remembered it to be and better! It is also a part of your financial strategy!

We do take care of that for you. We work together with 18 companies in The Netherlands that do maintenance on Central Heating, Construction, Gardening, Painting, Roofs, Plumbing, Electrical appliances, Cleaning services, Landscape maintenance, Pool maintenance and all kinds of small chores.

You can either choose to have us in place at occurance (rates are € 55,= ex VAT per hour) or have a maintenance contract with us, so we arrange for everything. We charge 8% of the monthly rent (ex VAT) and arrange for companies that do whatever is needed. Included in the 8% is the tracking and receival of the rent and payment of all the disciplines needed. Also included is an SOS service that provides help fast if something sudden happens. We get the neccesary discipline at the house a.s.a.p.

We can also arrange for an annual check up and act on whatever te house appears to be needing. We always stay in touch and you decide what you want to have done.
The actual costs of maintenance or repairs it self will be for the owner, although we always try to find out what the cause of the event is. We will always look for you, for the better offer as well.
If maintenance, repair or replacement is needed, we will ask several contractors for an offer and will discuss this with the owner before anything happens. We will try to find you options to give you the best price/quality deal. You decide: you are still in control!

Let us know what your wishes are and we will make you the offer you can’t refuse! We care!

Financial items

When you need an advise on a financial matter, we can offer specialists in every field of the financial aspect.

We work with professionals on every financial discipline and they have the same ethics as we do: Service, Service, Service!

We offer you possible advise on:

  • Mortgages
  • Investments
  • Pay role services
  • Tax returns
  • 30% ruling advise
  • Several others
Get in touch with us and we will give you the companies names, telephone numbers, e mail adresses etcetera. Most of them work after hours as well.

Interior decoration

A1 Executive Estate recommends this interior decorator: Doopdesign

Govert Flinckstraat 344 hs

1074 CE Amsterdam

T: +31 (0)20 771 58 71


Expat center

A1 Executive Estate is een preferred supplier bij het Expat Center for The Netherlands. Meer informatie nodig? Kijk op